Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I dont think i've ever been THIS excited for something to come to an end but GOODNESS I was sick of writing letters lol It was fun in the beginning, but I grew to be annoyed with it. yesssss!!!!!!

A lot of things are on my mind but this blog isnt private enough to spill those out. Darn :/
plus, I guess these arent things that are supposed to leave your mind anyway. I need to call my dad though. I havent spoken to him since sunday and that isnt cool. I dont know why i'm so tired all the time...well, I mean..I know it's because I rarely get sleep but lately it has been getting worse. It could be the vitamins i'm taking. I looked it up and it said something about if the vitamin is not in the same form as it would be in food, it takes longer to digest so all of your energy goes to digesting the pill and it makes you tired. Shoot, makes sense to me lol The foods I eat dont really have vitamins ( I don't think). I eat, like, noodles and rice and stuff lmbo I want to start taking more pictures. I do so much and I document none of it !! or i'll document and not post it. I suck.
This weekend i'll be with my friends from school. I have to admit that i'm getting home sick (.....home meaning my school home). I miss everybody and doing our daily routines and just ...going out. grrrr
It wont be long now. Toast to a great semester. I'm gonna claim it and praise in advance for a wonderful school year. Thank you Jesus !

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