Friday, July 16, 2010


A-bor-tion [uh-bawr-shuh n]
       -the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy.
       -any of various surgical methods for terminating a pregnancy, esp. during the first six months.

I think a woman should have the right to do whatever she wants to do with her body. Cut it up, slice it, set it on get the picture. I mean, it's her body, right ? I don't, however, think she can make the decision to KILL a child after she already made the choice to do an action that could have made the child in the first place. THAT body is not her body. That's like God bringing you into this world and saying "haha !! never mind !Just kidding. I'm actually not all that responsible. I cant take care of you". Just like that, your life is snatched away from you. But it's not a baby yet. No? not a baby? What are you pregnant with, if not a child? Plenty of parents get attached to the kid as soon as they find out that they're carrying. Are they delusional? So if not a baby, what is it ? a know, like a fetus/ embryo.  When a farmer scans his crops, he points to areas neatly plowed, points and says "those are my pumpkin, squash, and cucumber". He will not say "these are my seeds". No, he speak as though they are, because they are.  
Ive heard many arguments for why abortion may be ok (in consideration of the baby). Two stood out:
the baby doesn't feel it
the baby wont remember it

A person who has Congenital insensitivity to pain or CIP (sometimes CIPA if you add anhidrosis) cannot feel pain or extreme temperatures. Some cant even sweat. Are they less of a person because they have this disorder? Does it make them less of a human? No. Whether they can feel pain or not, they're human. Someone in a coma may not respond to pain at all, but they're still human too!

Think back to your earliest memory. It was probably of a really happy moment, or something traumatic or equally surprising. Psychologists say you probably wont remember being a baby. In fact, nothing earlier than the age of 2 or 3 can be recalled .Yes, this even means you wont remember coming out of the womb. But, you were definitely alive and kicking when you were a baby. A woman who has Alzheimer's cannot remember her husbands name. She's been married to him for 55 years, but she just cant come up with anything besides "the man that stays with me". Does her lack of a long term memory make her less of a human? 

Our memories have a lot to do with the hippocampus in our brain, which isnt fully devolved at the time of birth and is still growing and changing after that. Because of this, and because of our lack of language at the time, the schema used for recalling and storing memory is much different from the ones we have as adults. THAT makes memory a tricky thing.  If the way I processed memory yesterday was different than the way I process memory today, I may have a bit of difficulty recalling what happened yesterday because i'm not using the same system. I'm still human though.

 I saw a video of an abortion of a 12wk old baby via ultrasound. You could see everything the child was going through at the time of extraction. This baby felt the pain, and although s/he may not remember it ( it wont live for much longer), this baby is a human. Abortion- The Silent Scream (if you want, you can fast forward to 12:50 this guy is pretty boring in the beginning, but the whole video is fascinating). What is shown is the baby reacting to the paint felt during extraction. The baby screams, and tries to move away from the instrument pulling it from the uterus. All of the things you would do if you were alive and currently undergoing that kind of pressure, stress, and pain.

Just because the baby may not feel or remember it, it gives you no more right to dispose of what you consider to be a mistake. Likewise, whether a person can feel the pain or not, killing a person who has CIP and Alzheimer's is still murder. Life (growing, adapting, storing energy, capable of reproduction, made up of cells, responds to the environment ) begins at conception. They ARE human ( capable of language, and higher learning and thinking, has a pair of 23 chromosomes etc). Murder is illegal. Abortion is murdering a child, so it should be illegal as well. Abortion shouldn't be a birth control! You have the choice to be a parent, and you made that choice when you had sex. You do not, however, have the choice to kill what is already made. Give this baby a chance to live and the choice to do whatever he or she wishes to do with its body/life. Adoption is a lovely choice. 


  1. That was CRAZY, I really wish people would be honest with themselves before they go through with and support things like this. That was awful and I can't imagined willingly doing that to someone. I don't get it, how can you be so selfish? It really makes me mad. You should have to watch this in the waiting room.

  2. GIRL!!! I agree!!! but this video has been banned before lol because it shows the truth and a lot of people dont wanna believe they're killing someone. Ive heard that they dont consider babies, people yet. Thats ridiculous. How could you do that to something you helped to create ?? I dont get it. Having it in the waiting room would be a great deterrent. I have a friend who has an abortion everytime she gets pregnant. She's been pregnant like, 5 or 6 times. Not kidding. It needs to stop.

  3. there is a video by G. Craig idk if you have heard of him. I haven't seen the vid, my friends told me about it

  4. Ive seen his videos on hip that what you're referring to ?