Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dear Stranger,

I've been watching you ( In the least stalker way possible lol), and I find you remarkable. Chances are slim that you'll read this, but that's ok. If you happen to come across this, however, I hope you know it's you I'm talking about. I often wonder if the people I pass on the street, or metro will  ever create a story for me. Or if they get some kind of perception about me that I haven't exactly molded for myself. Even if you dont think you're all that great, I do. I get the feeling that you try very very hard, but you dont think it pays off. It does. You put God first and already, that's a great start! I'm gonna end this now, because Ive been typing all week and i'm sure to get carpal tunnel lol I hope we arent strangers for long

Just...some girl.

[This is apart of a series of LETTERS ]


  1. hehe I often think I'm going to develop carpel tunnel real soon

  2. lol let's hope we dont!! <3 u