Monday, July 26, 2010

The person you want to tell everything to.....but are too afraid // The Reader

Id rather skip this one. I cant even figure out what to write in this lol the thing im too afraid to write OR about the person I wish I could tell everything to. I know that this wont be a problem for long, im just being a chicken right now. *sigh*

[This is apart of a series of LETTERS ]

Anyway, I watched "The Reader" with my best friend last night. There were so many things that I didnt like about that movie.
They were naked all the time
They actually had an older woman with someone younger than she was....sexually. That calls for retakes and grossness.
There were parts of the movie that you had to raise an eyebrow to
I just...didnt like kate's character at all. idk
My bestfriend and I were just like "wth did I just watch" lol I mean, we couldnt have been more baffled. The plot was NOT confusing lol I hate when ppl are like "You didnt get it because you didnt understand it " It was very clear. They had a relationship/// sort of an affair considering their lives and ages. He would come read to her after school and then they'd have sex. Her life was very lonely ( no friends or family), so she was probably desperate for interaction. She often kept him at a distance because getting too close would cause her to have to reveal things about herself that she was ashamed of. When he was near that soft area, she would push him away. She moved away without telling him guess is because she thought it would be, both, easier for her and easier on him ( to move on). But he finds her later ...standing trial for being a guard during the war. He is now a law student. She participated in the selection of the Jews who got killed. "I was just making room for the new ones". Now, the way they had her to be....she was fully aware of what she did, she just had a hard time seeing how it was wrong, really. You could tell she didnt COMPLETELY agree, but there was still apart of her that couldnt see any other option. She referred to them as prisoners ( the Jews) which, to me, dehumanizes them and places zero responsibility on you. Anyway, she told the judge that she wasnt alone in the selection process, that the women who were sitting next to her were also guilty. They got upset with her for telling and come against her saying she was the leader of all of this and that she wrote everyone's testimony. This is where we find out that she cannot write as flashbacks roll on the screen. She always asked him to read to her, she never wrote anything, and when they had to read the menu ...she asked him to go first and she got what he got. So, it was impossible for her to have written the testimony for the ladies, she's incapable of writing at all. She didnt tell them this, her pride kept her from dong so. Because of this, she admitted to it and was sentenced life in prison whereas the other women only got less than 5 ( which, to me, isnt enough...they killed people!!). Her lover boy begins sending her tapes....tapes of him reading to her. She listens to them and decides she wants to learn to read and write. So, she goes to the prison library and checks out the book he read to her and follows along with him. Circling "like" words and ones she recognized. Soon, she's able to write a letter and she sends him one. She continues to do this for a while until she realizes he isnt going to write back. That discouraged her and made her quite sad...b/c he was still sending tapes, he just didnt want to talk to her. I guess he was still upset over what happened and with his own marital problems. Continuing on...
He is notified by the prison that she had served 20 years and that she was up for release. Because she has no friends or family, she'd need a place to stay. He was very standoffish in his reply saying "that was very kind of you, thank you". I guess thanks for lettin me know. He meets with her later and explains that he found her somewhere to live and work. She was grateful but you could tell she wanted to stay with him. At the end of the visit she asks him to read to her ....there's a pause and then she says "that's over now , isnt it?". I forgot what he said lol but it was over. He wasnt going to continue it....not in person. She, then, asks if he was married and they spoke about that. A couple of days later she was to be released. We see her stacking her books on her table, taking off her shoes and mounting the table. We dont see what happens next but one can only assume that she's hanged herself. The man is taken to her room , when he comes to collect her, and he learns of the news. Her body isnt there but she left a note and money to be given to the daughter of the only survivor of the concentration camp fire. The daughter refuses the money, so he keeps it in order to put it to a charity for illiteracy. At the end of the movie, he confirms that she did kill herself and then he explains to his  daughter who this woman was and what she meant to him.

Scenes from the concentration camp ...and her facial expressions and body language while at the camp would have totally intensified this movie. Also, just more background story, period. It was lacking in a few areas but the acting was phenomenal.

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