Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tattoos/ Piercings

A person, who i'm guessing was offended by my statuses, mistook me for judging people. Preaching the gospel is different from judging. I make it a point to never judge someone, but If asked, i'm not going to tell you God approves of what you're doing. That's not judging. I mention this because there are people who actually DO use the word to judge and it's pissing me off. I was outside and someone ( whose name will not be mentioned) said that someone at work had a lot of tattoos. I thought "omg....another talk about tattoos and piercings". Honestly, i'm sick of people coming down hard on others for this. It could be because I, myself, have piercings galore lol But also, I know how it feels to be judged. It sucks!! SO why would you treat someone else that way and claim that Christ lives inside of you? Ive heard this person say, in the same conversation , that they talked about people at work because they weren't as groomed. That hurt my heart a little bit. Instead of helping, you hinder? I'M NOT the most friendly person alive. I know that about myself, but I also know that it's not cool to be that way so I try to change. I have zero tolerance for people who talk about other people. I have a very similar tolerance for those who pass judgment on those who choose to get a freakn hole in their ear.
This is my whole issue about piercings. One sin is not over the other. The unjust is judged with the same law as the just. So, if it were that piercings were a sin, wouldn't every female be at fault ?? If one piercing wasnt any worse than several? And with tattoos, you could make the argument that it was said in Leviticus that tattoos were despised, but not in the new testament. So are tattoos ok? Since leviticus was the old order ( and no, that doesnt give you a pass for cannot drink lol 1 Corinthians 10:31 says that it must be for the Glory of God and I hardly see how it would be if a couple times throughout the bible it talks down about drinking). anyway, my point is, you shouldnt judge people. The law you're using against them is used against you too !! People make modifications to themselves everyday! Plastic surgery, hair dying, contacts etc...some are permanent, some arent. You're "technically" marking your body like it says not to do. If you dont want someone to talk about you, dont talk about other people when you DONT know what you're talking about. Also, you dont know at what point these people got the tattoo, and how they feel about it now. They could have gotten while they were young, and since...found that maybe it wasnt the best idea. It certainly makes a person like this relatable. If you're ministering to someone who looks like you do, there's less intimidation. While I do believe that the body is a temple, I dont believe you're going to hell for putting a tattoo on it. I feel like conservative people are using that one scripture to discriminate. I dont think you should go crazy....but hey, that's me. I'm not God. No one is without fault. Remember that! Our mission in LIFE is to preach the gospel, live by his word, and to love one another. That is IT! By doing those, we'll cover the bases.
I'm a walking masterpiece. You can love me, or hate me for it.

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  1. I love this Robbie!!! Your post is giving me life right now. This was one of the main issue i had when i was in a relationship with you know who... always coming down on me and stuff, but My body is MY temple and like you said "I'm a walking masterpiece. You can love me, or hate me for it" is the exact attitude I have about it now :o)

  2. Oh, I know!! I remember when you told me. I just really hate when people judge the life of someone who has a picture on their body lol Like, really ?? Thats the most insane thing-ever! I know I wont get a handclap from a lot of Christians, and that's fine. We need to start spreading love for people and stop trying to get the bible to say what it doesnt.