Friday, August 7, 2009


It's school time again and something that's really important to me is working out. I think that in addition to preparing your mind, you also need to prepare your body...and what better way than to work out? The only reason why I've been able to maintain is because of my workout schedule.
I do something physical almost everyday ( at school, I workout EVERY exceptions). Granted, I've taken my time out from school FOR granted and it's starting to show lol I'm losing weight because I've been both sick and I haven't been eating the proper amount of food. Also, I haven't kept up with the toning that I'm supposed to be doing. What I am proud of is, I haven't eaten any candy this year. Maybe one bag of skittles and one snickers but still, that's impressive considering I used to hide a box of candy under my bed. When I say "box", I mean, Id clear out all of the water or juice from a whole 24 pack and I'd fill it to the rim with sweets. Ive also cut out soda ( haven't drank soda on the daily since high school), and fast food is no longer something I live off. I hate that whenever I say I'm "not gonna eat this" or that, someone thinks im trying to lose weight. I'm not ! I just like being and staying in shape and I don't think that's a bad thing.
The point of this was to introduce some changes into my regimen

  • Run at least once a day ( walk first, stretch, jog/run)
  • Actually count calories and don't eat til full, it takes your brain 20 mins to know when you're full and chances are you're full before you're actually aware of it. Eat slowly.
  • Stretch about 5x's a day or whenever I think about it.
  • Drink water all day. Juice only a couple times a week...eventually having none.
  • Go to bed on time
  • Study after class and before bed
  • Stop spending money
  • Don't eat when you're not hungry
  • Continue to workout everyday. Alternate b/w Strength training and Aerobics
Read the bible more often; nothing will happen without God.
Most importantly, stick to all of these goals. (You can do it girl ) I know I can lol

&& For the Love of God take vitamins this year ! Sheesh

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Best On Mars

I'm listening to my cousin's song on my myspace, like reaaaalllly listening to it. Every component ( I dont usually give a crap about the instrumental or anything) is amazing. At first, I just liked it because it made me wanna dance but most of the lines and the winding sound in the background are really genius. Although I think some of it could have been worded differently lol im not a musician so what do I really know? I cant stop listening to this song though. I hate autotune most of the time but when used in this song, it adds to the futuristic theme. idk I really like it.
Back to my playlist and dancing around n my room
i'll get a workout or two in today

Hopefully I can finish the two poems I started. Ive been so dry lately lol