Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I hate that I like you

I was reading some blogs this morning, and I happened to read one about souljah-boi. I was happy to find that she wasn't praising him, because he deserves none of it. I cant stand the fact that today's music has no lyrical puzzle you have to think your way through. They dont make you THINK at all, its just something to snap, wiggle, and shake to. So, does it bother me that souljah-boi's fame is based off how 'danceable' the track is ? yes. Does it bother me that today's rappers only rap about themselves, and their possessions instead of actual issues? Indeed.
People like biggie got on my nerves because the content of their songs were pretty predictable (and filled with um 97.3% profanity) but at least they were passionate about the place they came from and wanted to tell their story. They had a message.
I just wish people would do more than saturate their music with profane fillers, half naked women, and an addictive beat to reach their audience.If ALL of the mainstream rappers decided today was the last day they'd :
talk about NOTHING
spend more than 10 minutes coming up with a song
and work on being more presentable
we'd have no choice but to broaden our minds. We'd have no choice but to think a little deeper. What's even worse is we're feeding into this nonsense by quoting their verses, having their 'club remix' on our voice mail, calling our women out of their name. We've fantasized about the idea of living in the hood, being hood, and being "hood-rich". We've glorified drug lords, murdering our neighbors, and pimping hoes. Where's the satisfaction in being unruly? How is it cute to wear clothes that dont fit? Is it even comfortable to hold your pants up all day and walk with a drag?
Are you females cold, and in pain from your clothes being too little and too tight?
And the last time I checked, metal belonged in Jewelry....steel mills, cars, and glasses.....not YOUR TEETH! This lifestyle that we've so openly adopted as our "culture" is something I am desperate to reverse. Where's the class? Where did our intellect and self respect go?
why drink yourself to death -Cirrhosis ...anyone?
why smoke yourself into lung cancer?
why abuse substances to further erode your brain cells?
You're doing it because its "fun" and "something to do" but ....are you taking into account how you're shortening your life? Do you really believe that your life is that pointless that you'll allow ANY harmful chemical into your body irregardless of the consequence?

Although I am so very pissed off at todays generations acceptance of ignorance, I am even more upset at myself for listening to it occasionally. Every once in a while I find myself on this "lil Wayne trip". I know at least 60% of his songs and thats really bad b/c I dont even LIKE him all that much. I cant deny that his voice intrigues me....and when he slurs his words I find that I imitate it for days ugh
and Souljah boi is CUTE. His appearance is not a reason to listen to him, but it is the reason I find myself staring at his videos
which, in essence, is helping his views on youtube. Sean Paul's music is completely incomprehensible and inaudible, but the beat is crazy cool. Why do we make music like this?

I hate that people like Bow Wow, Souljah Boi, T.I, Ludacris, Nelly, Cassidy... etc get by on looks alone. I hate that we like them more because they're cute and not based on their actual talent. I hate that we support them because the video is nice, and not because it actually had something to do with the song. And while i'm on this subject, can anyone tell me why people make songs that have a really catchy chorus and then the verse has nothing to do with that song?

Example ( totally made up)
verse :
!*&^ check out my car, 22 inch rims
sittin nxt to 4 mo had to buy me 5 of dem*##!*@
and i dont stunt nah i never fake
you wack *@&*#^*@&@* @^#*^@*&@*&@ hate
I bend ^(#(! over and (**(&# her
i dont make love just wanna **%^ under the cover
etc etc....

chorus ( some r&b dude)
She's fly as can be , thats why i love her
and imma stick by her side cuz i love herrrr
she's down for whatever im always thinkin of her
and you can try but there'll never be anotherrrr

or some mess lol They make you believe the song is all cute and cuddly, and then they have some overly sexual lyrics through out the rest of the song.

Akons song " I want to F*** you" is all over the place! Why!??!? This man is telling you that he doesnt want a relationship lol he doesnt even wanna make love....he just wants to have sex -THATS IT and people LIKE that song ! It almost MAKES girls believe they're worth nothing more than a causal hookup. Its placing physical intimacy higher than everything else more valuable.
People! You have the option of choosing what you hear. You dont have to download songs that degrade women. You dont have to watch videos where they degrade themselves. You dont have to support this filth, but you do. And yes, you say "its just music" but this just music is shaping the way you think and act. It should be taken more seriously than just music. By you NOT caring, is giving these artist a reason not to care about you.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Good ol Saint Nick

I have a problem with Santa Claus. I'm sure someone has blogged about this, it isnt a new topic/ but this is the first time I'VE ever spoke my peace on the jolly, fat, rosy-cheek dude in red.

It's no secret that i'm a Christian. I can remember when I was younger, my mother would take us to church all dressed up, and we'd listen to the pastor speak about a wonderful guy-
Jesus. At that time, I thought man, he must love me...he died for me, and hasnt even met me yet! I'm not even sure if id die for my own bestfriend". I still think the same thing, except for the bestfriend part lol Jesus died for us, he carried the sins of the world and died for us, so that we may be given mercy when its our time to go. How many people do you know that would do that for you? Not many, I bet.
"How many kings stepped down from their thrown? How many Lords have abandoned their homes? How many greats have become the least for me ? How many Gods have poured out their hearts, to romance a world that has torn all apart ? How many fathers gave up their sons for me ? Only one did that for me"

of course that was the 5 or6 year old me, but I can remember thinking that. Around Christmas time, we'd hear stories about the birth of baby Jesus, and how the three wise men followed the north star to find him sleeping in a manger, it was there that they brought him gifts. We celebrate his birth on Christmas. Ive always known that HE was the real reason that we take part in this day - it's a Christian holiday!

So now, here I am 20 years old, and it breaks my heart that people arent hearing the story of a man who gave them life. Children are being raised to think that Santa Claus is the one responsible for the gifts under their tree. Their parents are spoiling them rotten and clouding the true meaning of Christmas by making it ALL about the presents.
I was speaking to my friend, who is an atheist, and he told me that he celebrates Christmas. When I asked him why, he said " haha for the presents, why else would I?"
I, then, had to inform him that the sole reason ANYone should celebrate it is to remember the one who never forgot about us. I'm fully aware that he wasnt, and still isnt, a Christian. I wasnt trying to convert him at all, but I dont think its right that someone ,who doesnt believe in God, ....should honor a day reserved for our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. To me, that just isnt right.
You wont claim God, but you'll come to his party. Lame.

The media isnt doing any better. The sales they have are crazy, all you see on tv are ads to get you into their store. Everyone makes a point of spending hundreds of dollars instead of spending some time thanking the Lord. People get robbed, killed, and swindled the most...during this time of year! That, alone, should let you know that when you take the focus off God ....you allow evil to flourish. No one cares about the thought that goes into the gifts anymore. No one cares about doing for others, they only care that they'll get something in return. No one thinks about donating to charities, and people that could really use the clothes you just bought for yourself.

So yes, I hate Santa Claus. He's just another marketing tool ( and an IDOL) used to try to soften the influence Christianity has on the world. The problem is that they're trying TOO hard to appeal to everyone

"happy holidays"

Instead of freakn addressing each one. Do I get upset when someone says happy hannakah ? No! I realize that there are other holidays, and other people should as well. Those atheists that were trying to get rid of Christmas and put another holiday in its place - they're crazy if they think that's going to pass. They also spent $40,000 telling people Jesus wasnt real and that we shouldnt celebrate Christmas. ughh
Its getting out of hand.

I was on youtube ( yes, agan lol) and this girl was telling everyone that they had their facts wrong, that Christmas wasnt a Christian holiday. That she'd read something and it was really just a regular holiday for everyone. So........the fact that Christ, Chirstmas, and Christian all start with the same letters, doesnt ring a bell ? Doesnt make a light bulb go off in your head ? Yeah right lady, and ONE article made you believe that it was no longer a religious day? If you're that easily persuaded, you should read the BIBLE ....just one page, and get saved or something. puh-leez

Christians should get to celebrate their holiday w/o all of the extra stuff. The presents are nice, the decorations are fine. Everything is good in moderation.
annnnd thennnnnnn
they call this man Saint nick, like he's a good guy. heh
& what's up with never seeing a black santa or Jesus ....
or anyone of any color what so ever. Hell, make Santa Latino, I dont care...
I just rly hate that. I was always raised to think that Santa and Jesus were whatever color I wanted him to be
so long as I could identify with him

NOT Santa and Jesus are the color they are, and im just gonna have to deal with it. It sucks for kids who do have pigmentation to never see any doll, saint, religious person....etc of color. Esp when I know that , back then, they werent the only ones on the earth. Where they were....the sun was TOOO hot and too "in your face" for you to be pale.
So someone needs to go back to the drawing board and redesign these dolls, and actors on tv b/c I fail to believe that moses was that light.
anyway lol santa=bad
he's the one on his own naughty list

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nerdfighter Charity

Hooh hah nerdfighters !
You probably dont know what that is, but if you are a youtube/computer geek haha this is probably right up your alley. Yesterday was the project for awesome day. I believe this is the second year for it. Basically, every vlogger who knew about it, made a video supporting a cause. It could have been any cause -- it just needed to be important to them. I immediately got excited! I went around looking at the different charities and one stuck out for me. Knit one, Save one is an organization devoted to saving babies lives by keeping them warm. You knit a small hat for a baby, and that effort could change their life. I wanted to take part in this, so I went on the website to figure out how to
its simply amazing. All you have to do is register, download this document with a pattern, and an address and you're done. Make your hat and send it to them! They'll do the rest.
There isnt much attention being given to this charity, there are about 3 videos on it * on youtube* -- we need more !
I think its wonderful to be able to help someone else
you may not think you're doing much....but you really are. You're saving someone's life! Wouldnt you want somoeone to take the time out to do that for you?

So go, right now...if you're reading this, to
Knit one, save one
you'll be making an even bigger difference than you think.
Its incredibly easy to learn how to knit
and the hats are incredibly simple to make.

( be sure to send them by december 31st!)

This could be their christmas present !!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where did your apple fall ?

So I have a friend, two actually, who refuse to date Black women. Does it bother me ? yes. It's also very rude to tell me that because it's like
a. you're saying something is wrong with Black women
b. you dont care how I perceive that - either take it or leave it
both of them are taking what has happened to them in the past, and used that as a reason for why they just cant date Black women. While they maintain their own POV, they also think that women are wrong for thinking that every guy is going to treat them the same as the last.

Arent they both the same thing ?
There's no way I could ever say that I will not date someone from my own race, seems like a bit of self hatred and a cop out ...to me. How can you say that all Black women are one way and women from every other race arent that way, in ANY way!?
It just isnt so.
The same with women- not all men are the same, so how can we say that even if we have gotten ourselves into the same situation over and over and we're convinced that we're not the problem ( though we are the common denominator).
Some of the most intelligent, beautiful, and talented people that ive met have been from my own race - the love that comes from two people of the same race is powerful. You understand each other, go through the same problems. You speak the same language so to speak.

I'm not, in any way, saying that interracial relationships are wrong...or that I dont agree with them. I'm just saying that you shouldn't hold those prejudices about women from your race-- women that YOU chose to date. Maybe there's something wrong with your selectivity. I refuse to believe that every Black woman you've encountered has an attitude problem, and that she's ghetto. I am not the stereotypical Black woman, if there's one....there's more somewhere else and you can find her if you change your priorities.
( and let me just quickly add that using a stereotype as the basis of your opinion is completely ridiculous - Black men have some of the worst placed on them, do we leave them ? no)

What I hear all the time is that Black women come down too hard on Black men / that may be so.......in some instances, but dont even begin to tell me that Black men dont do the same. My friends are examples of that. They just leave us, completely. When the tough gets going, you go. You leave your family, your spouse...and everything associated with what you've been taught to believe was the problem. Black women. We've been down for you since day 1 and you just leave ?
I doubt that'll fix whatever internal battle you have.

So if you dont like our personalities, remember that you came from the womb of one of them
and you are apart of her just as much as we are.

Monday, December 15, 2008

If its in you, put it out there

...that's the slogan for a Jeep commercial I saw just a few minutes ago.
The scene opens with a few women standing in front of easels
their instructor is telling them to "paint their souls"

"today, we're doing self portraits...but I want you to paint your SOUL. To liberate your minds- show me what's inside you"

as she makes her rounds...looking over everyone's portrait - she stops her mini speech to say "ooooh, now that's what i'm talking about"

this lady...who's a hip..funky lookin sistah
painted a freakn JEEP! ( a nice looking jeep, but a jeep nonetheless)

So maybe i'm taking this commercial too far
but I believe its sending a deeper message.

We're too materialistic. I'm black, so i'll speak on the African American population. The other day I saw a baby with "J's on her feet"; A baby who could not yet speak was wearing Jordans. On youtube I saw a man whose house was filled with different gadgets and flat screened TV's.....but his car didnt run, and he was doing nothing to further his education. His house also had no furnature, and his refrigerator had nothing but a few drinks in it.
My friends flaunt their money all over the internet
they stuff it in their hat so that half of it is hanging out-displaying it to the world
they spread it out like its a deck of cards and place it NEXT to their new cell phone, mp3 player, and camera.

We're too focused on things that shouldnt matter. Yes, I know this doesnt only apply to young black people but since its what I SEE everyday....these are the only people i'm talking about. When will we realize that there's more to life than getting money? If that womans soul was a Jeep / a corporate symbol..... I think we really have a problem. Unless that JEEP was symbolizing something more DEEP - she should return her soul to wherever she got it. We are selling our souls to the economy. We're the ones buying cars, and new clothes, and shoes....all the time. Whatever happened to putting it in savings, buying a book, getting health care? Those are the things that matter. Your appearance is important, dont get me wrong, but it shouldnt be the focal point of your life. God should be - your family should be- your relationship-your education

....these are things that deserve attention. It bothers me when young christians say they dont have time to go to church and thats why they dont go. People make time for whatever they want to make time for. You make time to go to the mall, to see the guy who likes you, to get that girls number, to buy those new shoes that came out
but you dont have time to apply for a job.
We should be placing our priorities on something else. I dont want to see my peers getting caught up. We all have dreams of doing something else / even the people deepest in the ghetto want to get out. If its in you, put it out there
dont settle for jeeps, getting money, and clothes
there's so much more to you than that

Friday, December 12, 2008

one day we'll get nostalgic for disaster

I hear these two expressions frequently:

if you love him, let him go
if he comes back-his heart is yours

you break up for a reason

How do you differentiate between the guy whose heart belongs to you ( the one you give a second chance, and take back) and the guy who was meant to stay in the past? They all say the same thing when they try to come back into your life-

:I'm sorry
:I made a huge mistake
:I will never going to do it again
:I want you back

Are they realizing this b/c you left a huge void when you two broke up? Or is it jealousy b/c you've moved on and he's lonely? How do you know ?
Are second chances even worth it ?
I cant help but think we throw ourselves back into these situations because we're in love with what could be. There's always an air of hope we have - that things will turn out better than they once did.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

We are shaped by our thoughts - we become what we think

Nothing he ever said to me was completely true, and I have to admit ( although I hate to), that I believed him. He had jealousy issues that we masked by his charm and wit. Whenever I found someone who could, quite possibly, take my attention from him, he'd convince me that something was wrong with that person and i'd flee. He spoke coldly and analytically about love and of other abstract things, when I questioned him- I was then manipulated back into the same train of thought; stick with what you know, never let curiosity grow. He was both the angel, and the devil on my shoulder. I had never, before, known someone so in tune with my stream of consciousness. He didnt only tap into it, he controlled it. I suppose that I could have stopped listening to him a long time ago, but that would have meant leaving everything up to chance- or at the very least, making my own decisions. To him, God was just a person created to give man a reason for things science hadnt yet figured out how to explain. He wasnt all knowing, or all poweful- just a fictional character. Man-kind wasnt at all real, they were aliens put in place to track your progress as you undergo tests. Literature was a time waster, and the cinema was created by the government to implant sibliminal messages into us so that we could carry out their work. I've been battling these thoughts for a long time, fighting with the only thing I have- my faith and intuition.