Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Someone I wish I could meet

Dear Grandma,

I remember one mothers day I saw my dad cry. It was the first and last time I saw him show that type of emotion, and I was around 5 years old. I'm 21 now, and to this day he never brings you up. I have never seen a picture of you, and I don't even know your name. I do know, however, that you and your husband left him. You held him for a brief moment after he was born, but after that he never felt your arms hug him. He has never heard you tell him you love him, and he will never know what it's like to have parents. No thanks to you guys, he grew up to be wonderful. Although he grew up poor, and was forced to join the military, my father is the epitome of a great dad. My dad isnt perfect, but at least he was there. He couldnt give me everything I wanted, but he certainly went through hell and high water to provide for me what I needed. You could have done that. I hope that wherever you are, you thought about him and regretted giving him up. You have never tried to find him, or even know who ended up being. You didnt care whether he was even living! If I had the chance to meet you, I would just ask you why you did that to him. He thinks about you a lot. I can see it every time the holiday comes around. I'm hoping that if you're still alive, he at least gets to see what you look like. He misses you...
or at the very least,  the thought of you.

Your granddaughter

[This is apart of a series of LETTERS ]

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