Monday, July 5, 2010

Dear Internet Friend,

You and I have had the best friendship that I've ever had with anyone. I dont know if that's sad or a good thing lol I've known you since ..somewhere around middle school. I am now a senior ( should have graduated this year) in college. That's a long time !! We've seen each other through breakups, fights, happy moments, special occasions, and just random conversations that never seem to end until 3am. Honestly, I dont think i'd know what love was if it werent for you. I truly do love you. Although we have different faiths...we somehow manage to make it work. We dont disrespect each other and we always encourage the other. I've never had someone as THERE for me as you have been and you're across the United States. We know that, no matter what, the other person is going to be there. A text in the middle of the night will be answered. If someone paints a toenail lol it will be shared. We share beauty secrets, secret-secrets, jokes, articles. I mean, it also helps that you're into photography and art just like I am. I consider myself blessed to know you. You're definitely a wonderful person even though you dont think you are. You're beautiful inside and out...and I know a lot of people say that, but I cant say that ABOUT a lot of people lol I hope we can be friends for a very long time. I still carry the letter that you wrote to my wallet. Nope lol I havent taken it out!! Still in the envelope and everything. I look forward to sending many more Christmas cards and endless nights of sharing videos and stories. I know that when you get married or have kids, i'll be included in that as well. Find comfort in knowing that you wont be left out of my life as things start unfolding for you never have been.
I love you girl !!!

[This is apart of a series of LETTERS ]

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