Friday, July 23, 2010


Ive been going through a lot over the past couple of...whatever. Like, internally. I have this desire to be a better person but I dont know how to execute that. Although I know that Jesus is the way...and to be righteous, you have to imitate him, I STILL feel justified in my reactions to people and things. I still feel it's ok to be pissed off if someone annoys you. I know that I cant be, though, so how to I go about denying my feelings and picking up my cross? I it? I know these are difficult questions...and I know people arent supposed to admit this stuff, but I am. I cant help that I feel Truth is, my feelings dont matter. All that matters is glorifying him. So if im a little uncomfortable, so be it.


  1. =) I feel like this often!

    I have to remind myself DAILY that anger is NOT an excuse to sin. The Bible tells us to not sin in our anger.

    It is hard but hang in there girly!! and pray for GRACE because YOU CAN'T do it! Only Jesus can do it THROUGH you.

  2. You are SOOOOOOOO RIGHT !!! I needed that so much shannon, thank u!