Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I have a dream....

Ok...So it's dream time again. This one is confusing to me.
I was sitting on the living room floor asking my older sister about my friend emily. She doesnt even know who emily is, but I was asking her about Em. She said that she sold her baby to a family who eats kids. I thought that was ridiculous so I called her ( I dont have her number) and she never mentioned her son. Her son should be about 3-4 now. I kept bringing him up but she'd change the subject. So, I got my friends together and we took a trip to where she was...but then it turned into us trying to survive on a HUGE float. It had a roof and a floor (obv) but now sides. Well, there was a storm and it was tossing us every which way...so I started to hold on. My friends were getting blown into the water and there was nothing I could do to really save them b/c id die....not knowing how to swim and all. These police officers somehow got on board and started arresting us one by one. Before they got to both my friend lawrence and I , we got off the boat. The sun came out and I ran into what we thought was a corner store/ post office. Suddenly all of the water dried up and we were in the suburbs .....in what looked like the 50s. We werent supposed to be there. There was arguing in the front but we didnt know what it was about. Some people walked in and all of these cameras were going off and the guy went upstairs. Turns out we were in a hotel. Before we knew it, the place blew up and it was MLK who had just walked in. We ran ad fast as we could behind the dumpster outside. We had to figure out what we were gonna do but we couldnt just walk around outside. We'd probably get shot. So we took back roads...in between dumpsters and trees. This nice man found us and hid us in his house not even caring what his neighbors would think. And then I woke up
what the HECK did I eat last night lmbo

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