Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dreams && Ernest lol

I had a dream with my buddy Ernest in it  lol we were in school ( idk which one) and he was trynna find a gf. i stole someone's baby and was trying to feed them. Like, I was looking for bottles everywhere. One hallway of the school had a line of mothers laying down beside lockers, feeding their kids.
so on our journey down the street.....he had a jeep with NO seatbelts. only handles lmbo They had little steel arm holes that you had to stick your hands in. Kinda like on a roller coaster but less safe. we were holding on for dear life. All of a sudden something hurls at the car. we got hit and fell out. We lost the got totaled and then disappeared. so we're walking along the road and then this HUGE flying alien type thing that throws fire is chasing us. It was like some super action movie with the car chases and crap lol and ernie goes  "its cool...its ok...just parappa him" lol ( like parappa the rapper) so he starts rappn....and it starts dying
i lost the baby :( and ernest didnt find his chicky boo lol

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