Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm annoyed with Christians

Salisbury breeds nothing but self righteous and holier than thou Christians and it's really pissing me off. Like, I dont know WHAT God is trying to get me to learn, but i'm absolutely fed up. One thing I can say is that I've been holding my tongue a lot more. People here still consider me kinda...."in your face", but at least i'm not cussing anyone out ( lol). grrr
I cant take it lol 
Acting like they have no problems
That no one with sin can talk to them
They're the ANSWER to everyone's problems
Doing the exact opposite of what they preach

..... it's too much. Like, if you have to announce that you wont participate in conversation because you didnt speak to God about it first, something's wrong with you. Number 1, that shouldnt be something you boast about. && number 2, your relationship with God is just that...YOUR relationship. I feel like statements like that are more about trying to change the people around you without first trying to work on yourself. It kinda places you on a pedestal and makes it so no one even WANTS to be on your level. Lead by example...not with your words. Even Jesus himself lowered his status to be like the people he served. No one was above anyone...even though he was, he never put it in your face. I'm also annoyed with people who CRAVE attention. Is your self esteem THAT low? Or...Christians who compare their walk with someone elses to kinda make themselves seem like the better Christian instead of just FREAKN HELPING THE PERSON...or praying for them...or just LOVING THEM!?
I cant stand fake prophets ....i'm just done. These people are driving me crazy. I already cut them all off but we were kinda forced to spend two days together and it made me even more irritated than I was before. How does a "prophet" not know what the holy spirit sounds like!? news flash, it's probably not God you're hearing that's telling you the blessings others have received have come from someone other than God Wtf!? That just sounds like  you're jealous or have a miscommunication thingie going on.This is the exact crap that pushes people away from Christianity and church all together.
So staring August 24th, there's definitely going to be a shift back to some of the ways I used to do things. It's not personal, it's business. I'll still be cordial ( which is new to me lol), but we wont be all buddy buddy.I've learned that you HAVE to love everyone, but you certainly dont have to be their company. I starting the "cutting" process last semester and it will continue onto this one. I seriously dont have time for people who arent being a blessing to the people in their lives. Thats crazy to me. I'm gonna pray that someone in this, possibly even myself, receives a divine revelation b/c it has to stop.

seriously, if this summer has taught me anything, it was:
to guard my heart
put your trust in no one but the Lord
love everyone and forgive immediately
be a person of your word
and stuff happens, but then God moves.

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