Monday, April 25, 2011


Here's what I dont get about atheists...and people who are confused about their religion.
First, you should know that this is coming from my thoughts about an article I just read. There's this guy named James Frey and he wrote a book entitled "The Final Testament of the Holy Bible". He's thinking of making it into a movie but here's where the problem lies; it's completely blasphemous. He's saying Jesus comes back as a bisexual, an ex-alcoholic, and one who impregnated a prostitute. None of which are true.
Now back to what I was saying, I don't get why people who don't believe in Christianity make fun of it or make a profit off that which they don't believe in. If it's not worth your life ( meaning, you don't spend your life believing in it, then you shouldn't gain anything from it career wise. Like I just don't get it. You mean to tell me you actually had nothing else to write about except a Savior you don't believe saved you? That's like me, not believing in Egyptian Gods going hard on a book making fun of the whole idea. It's a waste of time ! If you don't believe it, fine. But it's extremely immature to make fun of a faith you dont understand.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Best. Valentines. Day Ever.

When your heart stops, so does time. It felt like forever and I hurt more with each tear that I dropped. As you hugged me, It felt as if you were leaving even though you hadnt moved at all. A part of me wanted you to.
Because you never claimed me, I demand sole custody of my love. I'm not giving it freely anymore.