Monday, July 12, 2010

The Person You Miss The Most // Dream

Dear Speed,

Ive written to you already, but I wanted to again. I dont think you understand how much I miss you :(

[This is apart of a series of LETTERS ]

Usually, whatever i'm exposed to LAST will determine the contents of my dream. So, I was reading an article about tattoos and Christians, talking to Ernest, and talking to who would have been my sorority sister...anndddd looking at photos.
Here's the dream. For some reason I got back with my ex boyfriend ( i dont like him or anything but he "liked" my status before I went to sleep and that's how he made it into my dream. also, my other ex just had a baby and I spoke to him last night too). He was crazy though and in a punk rock band. So all of my sorority sisters and their bf's went on a shopping spree to get Christmas gifts for family members. It was weird b/c all of us, along with our families, lived in a townhouse complex. Anyway, at the store, it was about to close and I was trying to get gifts for my sister so I could pretend it came from my nephew. You know, a cute little gift. I kept running into people at the store though and it was prolonging the process. I was trying to call my uncle for his shoe size and then I remembered that if I did that, he would know i'm buying shoes...soooo I had to call my aunt who was giving me a hard time about everything. Asking why I needed to know and crap so she got hung up on ( in reality, I wouldnt have done that). Some people had left already so we were left with ONE car to fit the gifts and all of us in. It wasnt enough. About 12 ppl had to "lap up". My friend Notoshia found this secret seat that she unrolled and we were the only two sitting comfortably. ANYWAY, we make it to the townhouses and i go get my sister to get the gifts and hide them. Just then, it turns from winter to summer...blazing hot summer. I decide to go for a walk, and then I "forgot" where I lived so i'm just walking around. I turn around and there's a biker gang. Not like, motorcycles...i mean like, spokes and wheels and a hand break...bikes lol Ernest, Markus, my friend George, and some other random ppl. They followed me half a block until I asked then what they were doing and Markus tries to answer but Ernest cuts him off and says "Unicorns!!"..I cut Ernest off and said "dont you say it!!!" and Markus gets all excited, not knowing it's apart of the song and says "I LOVE THEM!!!!" lol so now, for some reason, i have on roller blades that shoot out bullets and I start shooting them. and then I woke up

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