Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dear Sis,

Remember when we were little and I used to cut your hair and steal your bottle?? lol Now your hair is longer than mine and you eat more food than I do ! lol We've been through a lot. We used to never get along. We fought so much that we actually stopped speaking for a couple months, and even though I didnt show it, it tore me up. I went to bible study and asked my sisters to pray over our situation. A week later, we were closer than ever and haven't stopped speaking since. THAT was nearly a year ago. God works miracles, yes he does. I can't say I'm closer to anyone than you. We have this weird telepathy thing where, although we dont exactly live the same life, our thoughts are linked. I know exactly how you're thinking and feeling without you ever having to say it. When it's time to get dressed for a family function, or church, we come out of our rooms at the same time wearing the same thing lol I cant even get upset anymore. We're just becoming more and more alike. I have to admit that it kinda pisses me off when everyone thinks YOU'RE older just because you're taller. Oh well. You're always the first person to take care of me when i'm sick. You wrapped my foot when I sprained my toes, and you stayed up and ran me a bath when I had the stomach ...something. Even though you had to go to work in like 3 hours lol You've always had my back and I, yours. You're the bestestest friend anyone could ask for. I used to joke all the time and tell you that I wouldnt tell you I loved you until I was dying and you'd chase me around the house until I said it. You dont have to chase me this time.
Love ya lida ♥

[This is apart of a series of LETTERS ]

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