Friday, July 9, 2010


Today's letter was supposed to be written for someone you hate. I dont hate anyone, so I cant write that letter. God said love em like he loves the church, right ? lol
I'll just do a regular blog...

I woke up extremely frustrated. My mother didnt tell me that my uncle was coming over ( a little before 7), so it woke me up. I got about 3 hours of sleep TOTAL. She ruined a dream about me and John Legend meeting lol I was pissed! I couldnt be too upset at him ( even though I wanted to be ) because he told my mother, in advance, that he was coming. My mom just forgot to drop that very important information by me. So, that left me annoyed and cheated out of precious Z's.

A friend of mine suggested that I watch a movie called Shrink. I dont know whether I have a nervous habit or if that movie was actually supposed to be funny, but during a few parts I couldnt help but laugh. Robin Williams, whom I love, was in the movie- uncredited. I was confused as to why they wouldnt credit a man as great as he is. I mean, he was in Awakenings a movie about a guy who had encephalitis lethargica and Robin Williams was his doctor. I mean, it was astronomical! I'm getting off topic, I figure they had him to be unscripted because it was a cameo appearance. I guess it was a cameo, he was on screen for about ( if I remember correctly) two scenes out of the movie. He delivered a full dialogue though...a bit of a monologue. Anyway, the therapist had a drug problem. To me, that movie sorta resembled my life ...when i'm at a weak spot. Everyone runs to me for help and I need help myself. It was refreshing to see a movie like that. I love independent films, they're soooooo obscure.

My nephew came over the other day!! He lights up my life, I swear !!! I have three nephews but he's the one I see the most often. If you wanna see a kid who's crazy about serving the Lord, have ONE conversation with him and you'll definitely be like "I wanna be like him when I grow up". He lectured me on credit, cars, and cellphones and he's only 9. He's going places I tell ya.

They took twilight off SyFy ( formerly scifi) for the 4th of July. I truly feel jipped lol They ONLY show the show twice a year and now we're reduced to one time for the Greatest American Heroes wth is that!? ughh lol they're ruining classics and traditions :/ If a network x's The Cosby Show im setting something ablaze.

This post may be added to....
Im not sure yet. I dont have much else to say at the moment though. I'm gonna go do some research

later loves ♥

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