Monday, October 5, 2009


Jesus, you're my savior. You're the alpha and the omega. My father, my best friend, and my confident. I thank you for keeping me away from temptation and guarding me against my enemies. I thank you for softening my heart and allowing grace and love to fill it up to the rim. Ive realized that I need you, and that the things that overwhelm me...shouldn't b/c I have you && you're bigger than any situation that I could ever go through. i'm so glad that you're readily available to me and I love you for loving me. Lord, I ask that you renew my spirit, mind, and heart every single day. I ask that you help me to see things the way you see them,To break my heart of the things that break yours and to also help me keep in mind that this isnt about me. Humble me, Lord. My understanding is weak, so instead of resting upon it, i'll lean on you. Thank you for being my fortress. God you're just so amazing! I dont even know why you love me and continually forgive me as much as you do but Lord, im so grateful. There's nothing in the world better than someone who stays when everyone else leaves. Lord, because I have you..I know that I dont even need anyone else. That's comforting to know that you'll never go anywhere. I'm so happy that you're in my life and that I can come to you whenever I have a problem with something. You're the gas that keeps me going. YOU'RE it! You're the smile on my face and the reason why I continue to go on. Help me spread your light.

My hope is that I'll capture your fire and keep the flame burning during a storm.