Saturday, April 11, 2009


this guy walks up to me and says hi
i say hi back and then he says a bunch of other stuff that I cant remember. He goes on to ask my age and when I told him I was 20, he was VERY surprised. He said he was 21, but ....what I wanna know is, why he wanted someone younger lol When he approached me, he thought I was a teenager. Gross. Anyway, he asked my name...and so i told him. I didnt ask his because I didnt care. When he asked if he could get to know me, I told him that he couldn't because I have a boyfriend.
[here's the kicker]
"I dont want to date your boyfriend"
I went off. I was like , I didnt tell you that I have a boyfriend because I thought you might have wanted him....I told you because I dont want you. The mere fact that I even mentioned him means that my relationship means more to me than a potential ANYTHING with you. You should respect that
and he's like "no, it's not that..I just was nice meeting you"
If I left my bf FOR him, which I wouldnt, what makes him think I wouldnt do the same thing TO him?


  1. Because that dude is an unscrupulous moron

  2. are u serious? WoW

  3. he's a coon
    enough said.
    some guys have no respect

  4. @ mc- i agree.

    @ gamer- i believe at patomac

    @kyd- lmao yes girl. I couldnt believe it myself

    @x- they're losing MY respect more and more everyday smh

    thanks for the comments :)