Monday, April 6, 2009

Brave new voices

Was the title of the poetry series on HBO and it was quite interesting hearing those young people spit poems from the heart like that. Ive always enjoyed spoken word because
so much emotion is put into it
it's like a play where you write the script. "In Treatment" was VERY good and im soooo glad that it comes on today too!!! I'm definitely liking this lineup. I'm screwing up the time && day that House comes on
so, ive been missing both that && WCG Ultimate Gamer but luckily I can find those online. The Hills comes on tonight as well [ season primere] and i'm super excited.

I know that it seems like I watch a lot of tv
but I swear that I dont.

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  1. I like spoken word too. I first heard it when i spent a week at Morgan and i really like it but somehow i cant get that deep.(lol)