Friday, April 10, 2009

Faith isnt faith til it's all you have left to hold onto

Now, more than ever, i'm being tested. The people around me...
my friends and family arent very encouraging and I swear, if I werent so strong
id crumble by even the slightest bit of doubt. If i'm ever going to get anything done or go anywhere in life i'm going to have to rely on myself ( and God). I cant look to other people for help and I cant depend on them because one day they may not be there. I'm learning this the hard way. There's a passage in the book of Luke that talks about your friends and family betraying you and I believe that's what's happening to me now. Not so much as outright betrayal but I dont think that anyone is really trying to uplift me and support my dreams. Well, I take that back
....3 people are. They SHOULD know whow they are lol No need for name dropping.

I will be successful
Lord, I need you


  1. You know you got my support no matter what you try to do..So long as you're not joining some Jim Jones-esque cult that worships pancakes then we may need to

  2. thanks man! dont worry, no cults for me
    && b/c of that comment
    i was thinking of cults and ihop for the entire day lol