Sunday, April 26, 2009


Loved it. I wasnt expecting to like that movie THAT much especially because I think Beyonce is a horrible actress lol It was good though. Idris Elba helped it out, in my opinion, because he was actually a good husband. He is one good lookin brotha

tonight is In Treatment and Brave New Voices
cant wait :)


  1. I refuse to see it just because of Beyonce'. And I'm mad at all these status' saying "Beyonce handled that". We all kno that B ain't doing none of that in really life...

  2. I wouldnt do that to yourself lol the movie is actually good. I hate that they really think Beyonce is out kickn butt. I seriously dont think she's like that lol But whatever. It wasnt her that made the movie. She wasnt even really a big part of the movie.