Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Love Came Around

So, i'm listening to the new {Keri, Kanye, && Neyo } 'joint' <
lol ( thanks Starr)
and it got me to thinking....
do you really have a choice in who you fall in love with ? There's been a couple times when I couldnt help but be drawn to someone.....
so... is love voluntary?
There are two quotes that come to mind::
"you cant help who you fall in love with "
and " love is a choice"
so, which one is true? I guess you could side with them both

It's you who allows yourself to be vulnerable to fall ...
but then again, sometimes it creeps up on you and before you know it, you're already "knocked down"-- head over heels love.

I'm not sure how it happens....why....or when
but I know I like it. I love it !! It's amazing


  1. love is an amazing thing. i think i was in love once but i am not sure.. a good question that comes to my mind about love is.. how do you know when you have reached that 100% head over heels love?
    i dont know how to judge love from lust. it is hard for me. but with the two quotes, i agree with both and i agree with what you said about them. you choice to give your heart to someone but at that same time that person can come completely out of no where.. love is a hard topic to describe. i think there are so many people in this world for you, how do you find just one and be absolutely content with it? idk

  2. I think love is absolutely indescribable -- but i'll do my best lol
    I think you're in love when every moment you breathe is for them && I'm not saying that you cant live without this person...
    but you certainly dont want to. You don't make a move without thinking about how it would affect them. You consider them in everything you're their comfort and you care about them past all of the physical aspects of the relationship. When you put their happiness before your own and when they do the same. When you dont think about what that person can give you...but rather, what you can give that person. It's being able to say that you're sorry and to truly forgive that person w/o bringing up the past. It's looking past all of the arguments that you've had and the disagreements and still caring. It's being their motivation && friend too. I think a lot of the times, when we get into a relationship, we forget that we have to also be a friend to them. It's putting aside all of your pride and selfishness just to provide that person with security, honesty, trust,devotion, elation. I'm sure there's more to it
    but ....that's the beauty of Love
    the surprises and moments you cant put into words

    as for FINDING the person you're content with-
    i'm almost positive it'll happen for everyone if they'd just stop looking for it. I believe in soul mates...and I believe that we all have some internal magnet that pulls us, when it's time, to the person we're to be with.

  3. lol ur welcome
    i agree with you love is indescirbable and soo very complicated so i decided to just do me for a while and when that time comes that i meet that special person ill know that im in love if that makes sense

  4. yea, that makes perfect sense! Good luck finding him :)

  5. i totally agree with everything you said. i am just so interested into knowing who i will spend the rest of my life with. i never really look, so i am hoping that the one one will attract to me at the right time