Monday, April 27, 2009

This is like one of those films where the main character is always lost

If a man wants to be there, he'll stop at nothing to stay
yea, that's what I thought too.
...moving on
Ive abandoned my figure skating for a year.....I probably suck and I need to call my coach to see when I can get some practice time in. ughh!!! I could have been so good by now. I'm angry with myself for so many reasons. && too, I havent painted in like a week or so. I havent drawn in about a month. How did I neglect my art too??? Ive written a bunch of stuff but that's fine. I only write when i'm depressed lol I'm really not trying to go there right now. I cant wait til the summer ! I get to hang out with my friends who have left me for school lol stupid ppl
I start school in the fall ( again). Junior year couldnt have come sooner. I was supposed to be graduating this year but due to financial issues, I had to leave. Round 2.

I promise i'll get better @ this blogging thing but it's rather difficult when everything is a mess and I DONT wanna tell you about it. I just want things to be ok again, but....who know's when that'll happen.
until then, I can just pretend that i'm fine
:) << good enough?

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