Friday, April 3, 2009

Eco Friendly

I was thinking...
we may be closer to "going green" than we think.
Newspapers are going to die....they're going to put "The Washington Post" in the obituary section. The world is getting rid of all paper things one sheet at a time. We're slowly converting to a total computerized nation and while I cant say that I'm ready for it, I am eager to see how they'll 'reboot' when something crashes. The Metro changed from paper cards to hard plastic ones. I can remember plane tickets were paper too! At the stores, they'd give you a small index-sized card used to track how many times you frequented the spot. Now, they have small plastic cards that they scan at the register.Even money ( dollars) are being replaced with credit cards. I have to admit that this way is way more efficient however, relying solely on a computer just isn't smart. Sure, we can program it to do whatever we like but what happens when things backfire?
In the long run, I can see this being better for the earth. Less trees will be cut down, so the earth will benefit from that but still....
being dependent on a device ? That just doesn't sit right with me. We saw the fall of education when computers were introduced. People don't even read actual books for book reports anymore, they "google" it. This has made us lazy! I believe that the advancement of technology had good intentions but what we're choosing to do with it isnt very wise in the academic sense.


  1. OMGoodness!!!! This is gonna be another IRobot lol. I dont like the idea either computers dont always work and the fact that everything will be computerized will really bother me

  2. lol if that iRobot thingie happened id be scared out of my mind ~!!!!