Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rain Dance

When I stepped outside today, I was surprised to find rain. Not just any rain....
rain that fell sideways. To me, that's the worst kind of rain there is. You cant walk normally in this kinda rain
you have to tilt your umbrella so that it catches the drops sneaking up beside you
and when the wind changes directions
so must you
it's a pain
so, I'm walking.....
about 15 steps later, I realized that I forgot the mail that I was going to drop off at the post office. So, yay! I had to go back to the house. Once I got what I needed, I went back out of the house and started walking once again. I looked out and over to the road, I saw that there were a bunch of cars so I made sure to stay close to the gate.
All of a sudden, I was SPLASHED with water
not just any water
rain water....
water that had been sitting in a puddle for probably over an hour
water that was splashed by other cars .....and their dirty tires that trekked over other parts of dirty asphalt
water that was hugged by a curb dipped in mud

that water drenched my face, clothes, boots, and my bag.... and I was mortified.
I was PISSED.....but I laughed lol

That got me to thinking....

Situations aren't going to always be a 'cool drink of water'.
They're going to suck
....they're going to weigh you down sometimes
sometimes you may get your feet stuck in mud
and sometimes you'll feel like you're drowning

but you've gotta raise your head above sea level and get back up. I guess I'm writing this b/c I needed to be my own pick me up.
I walked the rest of the way to the post office with a smile
&& when I came home, I painted.
Today was a good day

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