Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Rambles pt.1

*This guy pulled over on the side of the road and asked me if I wanted to buy socks. Now, one...i'm already wearing socks && two, what makes him think that id buy socks from some random dude in a mini van?! Get a job!

* I went to the bank, and I was on the phone with an automatic service from MY bank. As I was hanging up...the security guard of the bank came up behind me and banged on the counter "UM...YOU NEED TO PUT YOUR CALL ON HOLD". I thought should I be polite, or should I be myself needless to say, I dont think she'll ever bang on any counter around me ever again. I was pissed because the phone wasnt to my ear when she did it, my call had ended, and that was just plain rude.

* As I was coming from the bank, this guy asked me how I was. I speak to everyone if they speak to me...so I told him that I was alright and I asked him how he was and kept it movin. When I was comin from another store, he was still standin outside-- "pssssst! where you goin"
If I wasnt a Chrsitian !!! I mean, what does it matter where i'm goin! ugh! You get one little greeting and you think we're datin lol leave me alone

* At the beauty supply store, I spoke to the lil Asian chick @ the counter and proceeded to look around. All at once, I notice the rest of the people that work there....go to their stations. If anyone asked them, they'd probably say that they did this just so they could be ready in case I wanted to buy something. I'm not stupid though, they wanted to see if I would steal. I left. I dont wanna buy anything from anyone who thinks im not capable of purchasing something

* At rite aid, I waited in line before buying some stuff for my skin. When I get up to the counter, the lady paused and asked the man in the OTHER line if he was ready to check out. I went off. I'm like "Look, ive been waiting in this line just like he has. There are the same number of peope in each, 2! So why would you ask him if he's ready like my place in line means nothing ? " She let me continue my purchase.

Maybe I was just in a bad mood today, but some stuff people do...just really gets under my skin.

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