Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dear Mr.Münchausen,

you're looking quite ill today.

What is it with people who thrive off giving themselves disorders? Is it an overcompensation for how piteous they feel in real life? Is that the ONLY way you can get attention? Really!?
ugh I wasnt going to write about this, I was going to completely stay away from it but something just pissed me off-- so here goes
Nothing is wrong with you! Nothing ! You want to think there is so that it makes you slightly more interesting than a dead fly under someone's shoe. You can try to say you have an addiction but...we all know that you dont // it just gives you something to stress about, try to stay away from and a reason to 'lose your hair'. I think you like to worry
...I do
I think you like having people ask you what's wrong so that you can start this huge venting session about your life and how it's been going in a downward spiral from the moment you uttered "da-da". Is this the only way you feel important ? Seriously!?!?
Give us a break! Cut us all some slack and just stop talking
stop BEING
just ....stop
because i'm not sure that I can take anymore and i'm not too fond of being the ear to your "problems". You should probably see a doctor,'re right are sick
you're losing your mind.

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