Friday, April 24, 2009

Send me, I'll go

I've seen it with my own two
there's no way I could show you
a perfectly poverty stricken people with no view
and I bet you cant believe this
they never heard of Jesus
heard of yung joc, lil wayne, and young jeezy
no one's signing up to go on missions this summer
rather sit at home and watch x'hibit pimpin a hummer
while a 9 yr old is shot down
no one's screamin stop now

So look what Christ did
not so we can stay in
side our comfort zones at home in mommas basement
get out on the grind yall
aint no better time dawg
kno ya read the great commission let me just remind yall
"make disciples of the nations, teach them to obey the Lord"
hate to never lead someone to Christ before I face the Lord

And the number's, they be gettn me
somethin still aint hittn em
America aint Christian they just practicin the ritual

love those lyrics
I love Jesus man!

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