Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm reflecting

upon a time when I thought I was having a heart attack lol

now, yall remember when you were little and you were'd call for your momma
shoooooot even when she was the one who whooped ur behind, you called her too

so, ok....
on this particular day I wasnt feeling too well so I stretched out across my bed and decided not to go to class. Then this pain came// dude, I couldnt even freakn breathe ! ( ok....I could breathe -- it was just difficult)
the only thing I thought to do was to call my mother. I told her that I thought I was having a heart attack && that my arm and jaw felt funny.

She laughed at me, told me it was gas and that if I felt that bad ...I should probably call 911

note to self :: dont call mom if dying
-end note


  1. lol yeah ill remember that note 2 my ma would probably soo "Oo thats nice. What you do today?" lol. Hope ur feeliln better

  2. lol she'd completely disregard everything you said?! haha
    well, she takes my heart situation a bit more seriously these days. I'm thankful for that