Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I hate that I like you

I was reading some blogs this morning, and I happened to read one about souljah-boi. I was happy to find that she wasn't praising him, because he deserves none of it. I cant stand the fact that today's music has no lyrical puzzle you have to think your way through. They dont make you THINK at all, its just something to snap, wiggle, and shake to. So, does it bother me that souljah-boi's fame is based off how 'danceable' the track is ? yes. Does it bother me that today's rappers only rap about themselves, and their possessions instead of actual issues? Indeed.
People like biggie got on my nerves because the content of their songs were pretty predictable (and filled with um 97.3% profanity) but at least they were passionate about the place they came from and wanted to tell their story. They had a message.
I just wish people would do more than saturate their music with profane fillers, half naked women, and an addictive beat to reach their audience.If ALL of the mainstream rappers decided today was the last day they'd :
talk about NOTHING
spend more than 10 minutes coming up with a song
and work on being more presentable
we'd have no choice but to broaden our minds. We'd have no choice but to think a little deeper. What's even worse is we're feeding into this nonsense by quoting their verses, having their 'club remix' on our voice mail, calling our women out of their name. We've fantasized about the idea of living in the hood, being hood, and being "hood-rich". We've glorified drug lords, murdering our neighbors, and pimping hoes. Where's the satisfaction in being unruly? How is it cute to wear clothes that dont fit? Is it even comfortable to hold your pants up all day and walk with a drag?
Are you females cold, and in pain from your clothes being too little and too tight?
And the last time I checked, metal belonged in Jewelry....steel mills, cars, and glasses.....not YOUR TEETH! This lifestyle that we've so openly adopted as our "culture" is something I am desperate to reverse. Where's the class? Where did our intellect and self respect go?
why drink yourself to death -Cirrhosis ...anyone?
why smoke yourself into lung cancer?
why abuse substances to further erode your brain cells?
You're doing it because its "fun" and "something to do" but ....are you taking into account how you're shortening your life? Do you really believe that your life is that pointless that you'll allow ANY harmful chemical into your body irregardless of the consequence?

Although I am so very pissed off at todays generations acceptance of ignorance, I am even more upset at myself for listening to it occasionally. Every once in a while I find myself on this "lil Wayne trip". I know at least 60% of his songs and thats really bad b/c I dont even LIKE him all that much. I cant deny that his voice intrigues me....and when he slurs his words I find that I imitate it for days ugh
and Souljah boi is CUTE. His appearance is not a reason to listen to him, but it is the reason I find myself staring at his videos
which, in essence, is helping his views on youtube. Sean Paul's music is completely incomprehensible and inaudible, but the beat is crazy cool. Why do we make music like this?

I hate that people like Bow Wow, Souljah Boi, T.I, Ludacris, Nelly, Cassidy... etc get by on looks alone. I hate that we like them more because they're cute and not based on their actual talent. I hate that we support them because the video is nice, and not because it actually had something to do with the song. And while i'm on this subject, can anyone tell me why people make songs that have a really catchy chorus and then the verse has nothing to do with that song?

Example ( totally made up)
verse :
!*&^ check out my car, 22 inch rims
sittin nxt to 4 mo had to buy me 5 of dem*##!*@
and i dont stunt nah i never fake
you wack *@&*#^*@&@* @^#*^@*&@*&@ hate
I bend ^(#(! over and (**(&# her
i dont make love just wanna **%^ under the cover
etc etc....

chorus ( some r&b dude)
She's fly as can be , thats why i love her
and imma stick by her side cuz i love herrrr
she's down for whatever im always thinkin of her
and you can try but there'll never be anotherrrr

or some mess lol They make you believe the song is all cute and cuddly, and then they have some overly sexual lyrics through out the rest of the song.

Akons song " I want to F*** you" is all over the place! Why!??!? This man is telling you that he doesnt want a relationship lol he doesnt even wanna make love....he just wants to have sex -THATS IT and people LIKE that song ! It almost MAKES girls believe they're worth nothing more than a causal hookup. Its placing physical intimacy higher than everything else more valuable.
People! You have the option of choosing what you hear. You dont have to download songs that degrade women. You dont have to watch videos where they degrade themselves. You dont have to support this filth, but you do. And yes, you say "its just music" but this just music is shaping the way you think and act. It should be taken more seriously than just music. By you NOT caring, is giving these artist a reason not to care about you.

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  1. One of my fave quotes comes from the beloved Dr. Seuss who says, "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who matter won't mind, and those who mind don't matter." Write on. I'm digging your blog.