Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where did your apple fall ?

So I have a friend, two actually, who refuse to date Black women. Does it bother me ? yes. It's also very rude to tell me that because it's like
a. you're saying something is wrong with Black women
b. you dont care how I perceive that - either take it or leave it
both of them are taking what has happened to them in the past, and used that as a reason for why they just cant date Black women. While they maintain their own POV, they also think that women are wrong for thinking that every guy is going to treat them the same as the last.

Arent they both the same thing ?
There's no way I could ever say that I will not date someone from my own race, seems like a bit of self hatred and a cop out ...to me. How can you say that all Black women are one way and women from every other race arent that way, in ANY way!?
It just isnt so.
The same with women- not all men are the same, so how can we say that even if we have gotten ourselves into the same situation over and over and we're convinced that we're not the problem ( though we are the common denominator).
Some of the most intelligent, beautiful, and talented people that ive met have been from my own race - the love that comes from two people of the same race is powerful. You understand each other, go through the same problems. You speak the same language so to speak.

I'm not, in any way, saying that interracial relationships are wrong...or that I dont agree with them. I'm just saying that you shouldn't hold those prejudices about women from your race-- women that YOU chose to date. Maybe there's something wrong with your selectivity. I refuse to believe that every Black woman you've encountered has an attitude problem, and that she's ghetto. I am not the stereotypical Black woman, if there's one....there's more somewhere else and you can find her if you change your priorities.
( and let me just quickly add that using a stereotype as the basis of your opinion is completely ridiculous - Black men have some of the worst placed on them, do we leave them ? no)

What I hear all the time is that Black women come down too hard on Black men / that may be so.......in some instances, but dont even begin to tell me that Black men dont do the same. My friends are examples of that. They just leave us, completely. When the tough gets going, you go. You leave your family, your spouse...and everything associated with what you've been taught to believe was the problem. Black women. We've been down for you since day 1 and you just leave ?
I doubt that'll fix whatever internal battle you have.

So if you dont like our personalities, remember that you came from the womb of one of them
and you are apart of her just as much as we are.

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