Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nerdfighter Charity

Hooh hah nerdfighters !
You probably dont know what that is, but if you are a youtube/computer geek haha this is probably right up your alley. Yesterday was the project for awesome day. I believe this is the second year for it. Basically, every vlogger who knew about it, made a video supporting a cause. It could have been any cause -- it just needed to be important to them. I immediately got excited! I went around looking at the different charities and one stuck out for me. Knit one, Save one is an organization devoted to saving babies lives by keeping them warm. You knit a small hat for a baby, and that effort could change their life. I wanted to take part in this, so I went on the website to figure out how to
its simply amazing. All you have to do is register, download this document with a pattern, and an address and you're done. Make your hat and send it to them! They'll do the rest.
There isnt much attention being given to this charity, there are about 3 videos on it * on youtube* -- we need more !
I think its wonderful to be able to help someone else
you may not think you're doing much....but you really are. You're saving someone's life! Wouldnt you want somoeone to take the time out to do that for you?

So go, right now...if you're reading this, to
Knit one, save one
you'll be making an even bigger difference than you think.
Its incredibly easy to learn how to knit
and the hats are incredibly simple to make.

( be sure to send them by december 31st!)

This could be their christmas present !!

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