Saturday, December 20, 2008

Good ol Saint Nick

I have a problem with Santa Claus. I'm sure someone has blogged about this, it isnt a new topic/ but this is the first time I'VE ever spoke my peace on the jolly, fat, rosy-cheek dude in red.

It's no secret that i'm a Christian. I can remember when I was younger, my mother would take us to church all dressed up, and we'd listen to the pastor speak about a wonderful guy-
Jesus. At that time, I thought man, he must love me...he died for me, and hasnt even met me yet! I'm not even sure if id die for my own bestfriend". I still think the same thing, except for the bestfriend part lol Jesus died for us, he carried the sins of the world and died for us, so that we may be given mercy when its our time to go. How many people do you know that would do that for you? Not many, I bet.
"How many kings stepped down from their thrown? How many Lords have abandoned their homes? How many greats have become the least for me ? How many Gods have poured out their hearts, to romance a world that has torn all apart ? How many fathers gave up their sons for me ? Only one did that for me"

of course that was the 5 or6 year old me, but I can remember thinking that. Around Christmas time, we'd hear stories about the birth of baby Jesus, and how the three wise men followed the north star to find him sleeping in a manger, it was there that they brought him gifts. We celebrate his birth on Christmas. Ive always known that HE was the real reason that we take part in this day - it's a Christian holiday!

So now, here I am 20 years old, and it breaks my heart that people arent hearing the story of a man who gave them life. Children are being raised to think that Santa Claus is the one responsible for the gifts under their tree. Their parents are spoiling them rotten and clouding the true meaning of Christmas by making it ALL about the presents.
I was speaking to my friend, who is an atheist, and he told me that he celebrates Christmas. When I asked him why, he said " haha for the presents, why else would I?"
I, then, had to inform him that the sole reason ANYone should celebrate it is to remember the one who never forgot about us. I'm fully aware that he wasnt, and still isnt, a Christian. I wasnt trying to convert him at all, but I dont think its right that someone ,who doesnt believe in God, ....should honor a day reserved for our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. To me, that just isnt right.
You wont claim God, but you'll come to his party. Lame.

The media isnt doing any better. The sales they have are crazy, all you see on tv are ads to get you into their store. Everyone makes a point of spending hundreds of dollars instead of spending some time thanking the Lord. People get robbed, killed, and swindled the most...during this time of year! That, alone, should let you know that when you take the focus off God allow evil to flourish. No one cares about the thought that goes into the gifts anymore. No one cares about doing for others, they only care that they'll get something in return. No one thinks about donating to charities, and people that could really use the clothes you just bought for yourself.

So yes, I hate Santa Claus. He's just another marketing tool ( and an IDOL) used to try to soften the influence Christianity has on the world. The problem is that they're trying TOO hard to appeal to everyone

"happy holidays"

Instead of freakn addressing each one. Do I get upset when someone says happy hannakah ? No! I realize that there are other holidays, and other people should as well. Those atheists that were trying to get rid of Christmas and put another holiday in its place - they're crazy if they think that's going to pass. They also spent $40,000 telling people Jesus wasnt real and that we shouldnt celebrate Christmas. ughh
Its getting out of hand.

I was on youtube ( yes, agan lol) and this girl was telling everyone that they had their facts wrong, that Christmas wasnt a Christian holiday. That she'd read something and it was really just a regular holiday for everyone. So........the fact that Christ, Chirstmas, and Christian all start with the same letters, doesnt ring a bell ? Doesnt make a light bulb go off in your head ? Yeah right lady, and ONE article made you believe that it was no longer a religious day? If you're that easily persuaded, you should read the BIBLE ....just one page, and get saved or something. puh-leez

Christians should get to celebrate their holiday w/o all of the extra stuff. The presents are nice, the decorations are fine. Everything is good in moderation.
annnnd thennnnnnn
they call this man Saint nick, like he's a good guy. heh
& what's up with never seeing a black santa or Jesus ....
or anyone of any color what so ever. Hell, make Santa Latino, I dont care...
I just rly hate that. I was always raised to think that Santa and Jesus were whatever color I wanted him to be
so long as I could identify with him

NOT Santa and Jesus are the color they are, and im just gonna have to deal with it. It sucks for kids who do have pigmentation to never see any doll, saint, religious person....etc of color. Esp when I know that , back then, they werent the only ones on the earth. Where they were....the sun was TOOO hot and too "in your face" for you to be pale.
So someone needs to go back to the drawing board and redesign these dolls, and actors on tv b/c I fail to believe that moses was that light.
anyway lol santa=bad
he's the one on his own naughty list

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