Monday, December 15, 2008

If its in you, put it out there

...that's the slogan for a Jeep commercial I saw just a few minutes ago.
The scene opens with a few women standing in front of easels
their instructor is telling them to "paint their souls"

"today, we're doing self portraits...but I want you to paint your SOUL. To liberate your minds- show me what's inside you"

as she makes her rounds...looking over everyone's portrait - she stops her mini speech to say "ooooh, now that's what i'm talking about"

this lady...who's a hip..funky lookin sistah
painted a freakn JEEP! ( a nice looking jeep, but a jeep nonetheless)

So maybe i'm taking this commercial too far
but I believe its sending a deeper message.

We're too materialistic. I'm black, so i'll speak on the African American population. The other day I saw a baby with "J's on her feet"; A baby who could not yet speak was wearing Jordans. On youtube I saw a man whose house was filled with different gadgets and flat screened TV's.....but his car didnt run, and he was doing nothing to further his education. His house also had no furnature, and his refrigerator had nothing but a few drinks in it.
My friends flaunt their money all over the internet
they stuff it in their hat so that half of it is hanging out-displaying it to the world
they spread it out like its a deck of cards and place it NEXT to their new cell phone, mp3 player, and camera.

We're too focused on things that shouldnt matter. Yes, I know this doesnt only apply to young black people but since its what I SEE everyday....these are the only people i'm talking about. When will we realize that there's more to life than getting money? If that womans soul was a Jeep / a corporate symbol..... I think we really have a problem. Unless that JEEP was symbolizing something more DEEP - she should return her soul to wherever she got it. We are selling our souls to the economy. We're the ones buying cars, and new clothes, and shoes....all the time. Whatever happened to putting it in savings, buying a book, getting health care? Those are the things that matter. Your appearance is important, dont get me wrong, but it shouldnt be the focal point of your life. God should be - your family should be- your relationship-your education

....these are things that deserve attention. It bothers me when young christians say they dont have time to go to church and thats why they dont go. People make time for whatever they want to make time for. You make time to go to the mall, to see the guy who likes you, to get that girls number, to buy those new shoes that came out
but you dont have time to apply for a job.
We should be placing our priorities on something else. I dont want to see my peers getting caught up. We all have dreams of doing something else / even the people deepest in the ghetto want to get out. If its in you, put it out there
dont settle for jeeps, getting money, and clothes
there's so much more to you than that

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