Sunday, May 17, 2009

Word Play

I love words. When I was younger, and I asked my dad how to spell something, he'd give me a dictionary. At that time, I thought he was just making my life difficult lol It wasnt until later that I found out that he didnt know how to spell the word himself. Him making me look up each word I had no idea how to spell changed my life. I'd like to thank him for all that he's done. Because of him, my professors tell me that my papers are way more advanced than they're supposed to be for someone my age. I wrote a paper on malleable memory, because cognition really interests me ...
and she told me that she had no choice but to give me an A being that the paper really was med-school dissertation level. I'm not here to brag but I do want to say; take advantage of everything that is placed in front of you.
From my love of words came my love of books. I could sit and read books all day ( still can). I even STOLE a couple of books because I couldnt afford them at the time. From my love of books came my love of poetry. I absolutely adore the way someone can describe an item or a situation and you'll know exactly what they're talking about without them ever mentioning the thing to which they're referring. ahhhhh words!!! I wanna get into slam poetry. I always go into poetry slams, but writing a slam poem has always been hard for me because I hate rhyming ! lol It sounds so....cheesy. I'll figure it out though because performing gives you a high -- A high that I want. It's like you're just throwing words up in the air, juggling and playing with them. It'll be something I dabble in.

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