Tuesday, May 26, 2009


"Young lady, do you speak Spanish?"
" Well, you should"
" Every year people come to this country and they dont speak english!! What language do they speak? SPANISH! You should learn it ! Then, teach classes and sell lessons for $9. The tapes are about $16, dont bother with Rosetta"
" Are you listening ?"
-I hear you
"What language do you know"
-Je parle francais
-Obviously. No offense but, I dont care to learn spanish. I dont have a problem with the native speakers or the country the language originated from but if they're coming here...why should I take additional classes just to have the requirements and capabilities to speak to them ? I dont mind helping them understand me but i'm perfectly content with not knowing their language.When I go to a foreign country, I have to learn THEIR language and not the other way around. This conversation is quite pointless seeing as how when you step off this train, I wont have the desire to learn spanish and i'll forever think you were insane. If you dont mind, I wanna get back to listening to my ENGLISH gospel music. Thanks.

"Well, I was just saying it'd make it easier"
- mhm thanks for the news flash

random conversation I had on the train


  1. lol its tru tho. You're suppose to learn the local language when u go to a country.

  2. I just feel like, if you come HERE...you need to speak what everyone else is speaking lol We speak English. I think it's bull that they're trynna make everyone learn spanish just b/c spanish speaking people are migrating here. What does that have to do with me ? We're just gonna have to do some sign language or somethin cuz im not learnin the language of everyone that decides to move here. Bogus !

  3. i really like this, you told them!
    i learn'd anotha language on the side because i wanted to...not because it was an obligation. if somebody in the united states doesn't speak english its not my fault they can't understand me! lol

    if i go to argentina and i can speak a lil spanish then well....good for me. lol =] i like this a lot.