Friday, May 22, 2009

Random Rambles pt.3

You ever been so hungry that you just stare at menu's? lol Last night, instead of eating......I read a carryout menu. I love PG/DC b/c [ sooo many slashes] no matter where you go, there's a carryout. lol I missed that in DE. Anyway, my stomach was growling so, like a crying baby, I tried to soothe it with some food. I didnt have any food so I read a menu lmao
It didnt help that I was highly irritated yesterday -- dude !!!
like, seriously...I wanna // or neeeed to work out. It's gettn serious now. I wanted to gain a little weight but not in the lazy way. My dad has my computer and I wanna know what he's doing with it lol He's had it for quite some time. I spoke to one of my VERY bestfriends today ..omg I just love her lol I'm glad we got to catch up.
2010 -- year of the bible ?
drake-- loves rihanna?
foot -- fell asleep?

yea yea yea !

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