Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"You a nerd"

I was sitting outside today, enjoying the weather, when a yellow bus pulled up. From it came about a dozen middle school-aged children dressed fully in their uniforms who were very tired from a day of "learnin". A small group of boys walked past my house and stopped when they were out of my view...their voices still carried in the air though , so their conversation was completely audible lol

boy #1 : "I cant stay outside too long, I gotta start this homework"
boy #2: "what? why"
boy #1: "I've been slackin and I think I should pick up my grades"
boy #3: "nigga ,you a nerd"
boy #1: "whatever"

they all dispersed and went into their homes
What strikes me as odd, about our culture and generation, is that we always put each other down. Never, once, have I heard someone applaud another for doing what they're SUPPOSED to be doing ( well, not until I was in a junior in High School and then...SOMETIMES in college, butttttt.....) Why is that? Do we think that by keeping someone else down we dont have to do much work ourselves? Is it because we're lazy?
We should always try to be all that we can be
&& when a member of our peers wants to go out and do more, we shouldn't be a stumbling block and stand in their way
but rather....be the stepping stool that helps them reach their dreams! Whenever anyone makes it "big" they thank the ones they aided them in getting to where they've gotten - never the people who tried to stop them.

[[ side note :: since when is being a nerd a bad thing ?? Intellect is attractive ]]


  1. PREACH!!! (lol) honestly i hear that a lot i was one of those nerds so i kno what you talkin about...as a people we should come together but yeah dont kno how long thats gonna take soo we just gonna have to wait.

  2. Can you help me with mine?! I set this up so long ago... idk how to do it!!!