Saturday, March 28, 2009

Make a move

I saw a blind man at the metro station, he had one hand in his pocket and the other was holding a stick. He tapped it once on each side as he cautiously made his way to the escalator. The whole time, I was thinking " should I see if he needs some help?". Immediately, i thought about the time I tried to help someone old and she snapped back at me saying that she was fine. I didnt want that to happen again, so I didnt ask that man.
But then.....
I started thinking
that i think too much. I never just DO anything! When will I ever act impulsively? He probably did need help and now i'll never know because I didn't take the time to ask him. In the time I spent thinking about doing something nice....
I could have actually been doing something nice.
In conversations with people, i'll sit and think about all of the things I could say...
instead of just saying them.
The John Mayer song "Say" is perfect for me. I never say what I wanna say
&& I mean the FIRST thing that comes to mind is never said. Always the....fourth...or even the eighth. I need to stop over thinking and over analyzing and just do it.
I dont necessarily think it'd make me a better person, I just think it'd help people see that I really am paying attention to them lol and i'm not just sitting there as they talk

I can be so difficult

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