Sunday, March 29, 2009

Everything i'm not

I figured I should probably write this so that
I never lose sight of who I am ....and who ive always been

I'm not the girl who does her hair everyday and thinks that it has to be "just so" before going out. You will almost always see my hair pulled up....that's just the way that I like it.

I dress to be comfortable && not to impress anyone. I like jeans && a tshirt b/c it's what I feel best in. I feel like heels, blouses, and huge necklaces are too much to have to wear everyday
...most of that stuff is worn for attention anyway

Flip flops are the perfect shoe because you can slide in and out of them so easily. Your feet never sweat in them because of how much air they get...and you get to show off whatever paint job you did to your toes.

I never do my nails and I probably wont until......oh, idk

I dont wear a lot of makeup

Weave // extensions// wigs // clip ins....are not for me

I dont go clubbing, I dont party and I'll probably never drink and smoke. I'm not BORING....that just isnt my thing.

I'm not a cookie-- stop calling me an oreo

If I can accept you for who you are ....
do me the courtesy of taking me as I am

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  1. its sooo nice to kno i aint the only one that thinks like that ((LoL))