Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dear Crush

...I don't have a crush. I always think about who I'll end up liking though

He didnt’t really have a shape or color but
He loves me to pieces

His arms were strong enough to hold me
Smile bright enough to light up my day
Smart enough to stump me
I examined him like a spectacle
He would be my miracle
My Gabriel
I would steal him back from the sky if heaven tried to rob him from me
Tear apart the clouds until I retrieved my king
And parade my prize throughout the streets
Hoping he’d remember me
Anything …from this moment
In my daydream…
I placed two palms on either side of his face
Expanding my hands like wings
Across the clear sky that engulfed us
And cuffing air so I could retrieve it when I had lost my breath
holding that position for a second -thinking “remember me”
he would string stars together to form my essence
I would kiss his fingertips so that
When he pointed, it would be in my direction
Always …always following my scent to lead him home
The haven I had prepared for him
 He told me he’d set out to find me
Sift through hundreds of mini skirts to find my jeans
Never stopping until his hand settled into mine
Until he could recognize my voice within miles
Until he was right there by my side
So here I am waiting
Not filling his void with some undeserving sap
But still,
With each guy I think it’s him
And I’m always a little disappointed when it isn’t
But ever so optimistic for the day when
he’ll ask me where I’ve been
I know it’ll happen but until then
I’ll be dreaming of him

Hopeless Romantic much? lol
It's cheesy, I know. But I always think about the person God will send to me. I love HARD!! lol So, if I dont exactly come off as a warm person, just know that for whatever reason, I feel like I have to guard my heart and all of my emotions to prevent being hurt again. I understand that now im not just talking about a crush, but rather the person i'll end up marrying but that's how serious it is to me. Dont get me wrong, I'm content with being single. I believe the Lord will have you do things in your singleness to glorify him that you cant quite do in a relationship. && Likewise, in a relationship, there are things the two of you can do that you wouldnt have been able to do apart. So, I dont mind being single one bit. It doesnt hurt to give thought to the dude who'll steal your heart away though :)
Having a crush would be cool....

[This is apart of a series of LETTERS ]


  1. I definitely like this here and you're right loving after being hurt is hard but you can't be afraid to put yourself out there. I hope you get what you're looking for we all need it

  2. Thanks for your comment ! Yeah, it's difficult. A part of falling in love is taking the leap.