Monday, June 15, 2009


Why anyone would wanna be a gynecologist...I have no idea
but after this experience, I can tell that im going to be dreading every visit.


  1. lol awww I used to want to be a GYN. I have had some really good experiences with them and some really sucky ones-wait til you go one day and the doc can't find your cervix so she starts diggin her hand all up in your body[yikes!], but even after that I can't say that I dread the visits though-but I'm weird like that...I like drs. offices and hospitals[weirdo]

  2. i've had good and lame visits also...
    went to go get my hpv shot vaccines smh...
    wasn't 21 yet lol so they couldn't give them to me
    instead they just checked my cervix by um not just looking but wanting a sample smh!!!

    but, all is well as long as they say it is.
    we gotta stay healthy girl, we needs our GYN'S!!!!